SkyFi Economa Saves on Electricity Bill

SkyFi Economa saves on the electricity bill. Depending on your electrical appliances, and your annual electricity consumption - SkyFi Economa saves you more or less.

Many consumers will get full return of the investment in the SkyFi Economa within one winter season. Email a copy of your electricity bill and the consumption of your electrical appliances and we will get back to you with an indication of what you can save.

Drive for free at times

Typical annual EV-savings: €800-2000 per vehicle

Let your EV speak to SkyFi Energy AI-servers and drive cheaper oftenly and for free.

Let us collect millions of data points every year, combine & analyze producing optimal charging schedules for you.

SkyFi Economa - obvious for EV owners

Heating With Happiness

SkyFi Economa can save €800-4000/yr on Geothermal Heat Pump

Does every little help?

Peter and Eunice uses SkyFi Economa for washing 

Yes, even the smallest appliances such as a fridge, dish washer or washing machine can contribute to the savings.

Once you have installed the SkyFi Economa, it will benefit you to use it for most of the big power consumers

Even water heaters can be heating at times when power is cheaper and provide hot water when needed

Can you afford waiting?


Before buying a SkyFi Economa, email your electricity bill to us at then we'll take a look at it and give you an estimate of prospect savings. 

More than 33 years of combined experience and expertise within energy

Reduced Power Bills

SkyFi Economa is built to last with the right use. Our existency is only justified if we can reduce the electricity bill of our customers. We control your electricity consumption so that you, within the rules you setup, get the power cheapest possible. Over time it can suggest different consumption patterns.

In doubt? Contact us

If in doubt, contact us. Do not buy just because of neighbour recommendation. Let's check your power bill and appliances, then we can give you an estimate of your savings. 


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